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Foundation Recognizes Outstanding
Student Films
Two student films were honored at the Caucus Awards Dinner on December 1, 2013. First Place Gold Circle Award for Outstanding Student Film was presented to writer/director Keola Racela of Columbia University for his film Above The Sea. Second Place gold circle Award was presented to producer Maura B. Kelly of Chapman University for Ode In Blood.

Above The Sea - 1st Place

Ode In Blood - 2nd Place

Caucus Presents $10,000 in Grants to Aid Three Student Filmmakers
The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors Foundation has selected four student filmmakers from diverse backgrounds to receive $10,000 collectively in the Foundation's Spring 2013 Student Grant Program, it was announced by Foundation President Chuck Fries. Students receive assistance to complete their student thesis films. Grants to 114 students, in-kind awards and internships totaling close to one million dollars has been awarded since the awards program was established in 2001.

Recipients of this round of grants are: Maura B. Kelly, Chapman University, for her film "Ode in Blood"; Johnny Nan Ma, Columbia University for his film "Grand Canal"; Brett Myer, AFI, for "Interstate".

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"The creation of any film is never a solitary act, and Above the Sea was no exception. Our film had many skilled collaborators and generous contributors. However, it was with the aid of The Caucus Foundation grant that we were able to take Above the Sea to the next level, securing an original score, professional color correction and sound mix. If the life of a film begins when it leaves the filmmaker's hands and enters the world, then The Caucus Foundation ensured that we were able to put our best foot forward. Following its debut, Above the Sea won the top directing and producing prizes at the Columbia University Film Festival, the Diane Seligman Award for Best Student Film at the Woodstock Film Festival, and now The First Place Gold Circle Award from the Caucus Foundation. With the Gold Circle Award comes the promise of a continuation of my journey as a filmmaker. I will be eternally grateful to the Caucus Foundation for their support of our film and for their continued support of hopeful filmmakers to come."
- Keola Racela