As the Co-Chairs of the Caucus of Producers, Writers & Directors and the President of the Caucus Foundation, Robert Papazian, James Hirsch and Sharon Arnett are extremely saddened to announce the passing of the legendary Chuck Fries.

Chuck was the heart and soul of the Caucus for over 45 years. His leadership and dedication kept our organization moving forward and supporting the creative talents in our industry.

Twenty years ago, he was instrumental in creating the Caucus Foundation which has now given over $2 million to help College and University students complete their work and help them begin their careers in film and television.

Chuck leaves behind a large and loving family and a legacy as the "Godfather" of the TV Movie and a creative producer and business executive responsible for hundreds of important and successful features and television programs. He has also been honored by many industry groups including the Producer's Guild, the TV Academy, and others, but it is our personal connection to Chuck and his guidance in our work at the Caucus that stands out to all of us in the organization at this sad moment. We wish his family our most heartfelt condolences. His passing will leave an enormous void in the entertainment industry and in the Caucus and the Caucus Foundation.

His commitment to helping the next generation is evident in the mission statement of the Foundation and his family requests that any donations in his honor be made to the Caucus Foundation at


2021 Round 2 Student Grant Applications deadline is July 10, 2021
Grant guidelines are here.

The Caucus Foundation congratulates our 2020 Grantees Hollywood's future filmmakers and content creators.

The Foundation is grateful to it's funders
Mission Statement: The Caucus Foundation for Producers, Writers & Directors is dedicated to Scholarship Support, Financial Grants and Mentoring a diverse group of talented students; to help them build their futures in all forms of content creation.

"The Annenberg Grant and The Caucus Foundation Grant has meant the world to our film. The recognition and support for Esta es tu Cuba has made it possible to finish our film the way we originally intended to share it with the world. This important, true story may not have seen the light of day without this generous support and encouragement. Thank you!"

- John Sayage, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman University

The Caucus Foundation is pleased to have Alfonso Ribeiro host the 2020 Student Grant Awards. Ribeiro will introduce us to this years Grantees and present the Gold circle Awards.


Aaron Fink for RUST, Chapman University
Madison Gwinn for MARKETA IN THE DESERT, Chapman University
Alexandra Geller for UNDERCOVERED, Emerson College
Noah Graham for OUTSIDER, Emerson College
Jasmine Galdamez for EL MOZOTE, CSUN
Takai Ginwright for CANARY IN A MINE, UCLA
Kelly Pike for UNDERCUT, UCLA
Lia Lenart for CASSANDRA, UCLA
Sherial McKinney for FROG CATCHER, UCLA

The Caucus Foundation Grant has meant the world to us! Both the director and I poured our hearts, souls, and bank accounts into Rust because we be-lieved in it. So to have those feelings validated through your generous award means a lot.
- Aaron Fink, Chapman University
2019 First Place Gold Circle Award Winner

The Caucus Foundation's grant came at a critical time in the process of making my thesis film. Though I was far into the picture editing process, the grant allowed me to see the film through to completion by funding professional color grading and sound mixing. Without these funds, I would not have been able to finish this film properly. But now I have a film that I am proud to have represent me as a director. There is nothing more valuable than this to someone in the nas-cent stage of a new career. Thank you, Caucus Foundation.
- Kelly Pike, UCLA 2019 Second Place Gold Circle Award Winner


The 2018 Caucus Foundation Gold Circle Awards were presented to:
First Place Gold Circle Winner: Panavision Camera Package - John Savage, dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman University for "Esta es tu Cuba"

Second Place Gold Circle Winner: illuminate Post Production Package - John Cerrito, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television for "The Way You Look Tonight"

The 2018 Caucus Foundation Television/New Media Award was presented to the creative team from USC for "Coventry", a short form dramatic series about an Army veteran suffering from traumatic memories.

Photo: Steve Cohn Photography. Left to right: Tanya Hart, John Cerrito, John Sayage, Robert Papazian, Dennis Doty.