The Caucus Foundation established The Caucus Foundation Alumni Network(CFAN) in 2008. Jen McGowan, USC 2004 Grant Recipient, was the Founding Chair of group. Melanie McGraw, USC 2006 Grant Recipient, current Chair leads CFAN with alums Matthew Hashiguchi, Vanessa Knutsen, kA' Kush, Jenna Lyng, Cristina Malavenda, John McCoy and Shilpi Roy.

The CFAN is an exclusive group of award-winning filmmakers whose exceptional work was recognized by The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors Foundation.

The mission of the CFAN is to support the success of its members in their film, television and multimedia careers by building relationships, furthering education and increasing opportunities.

Events produced by CFAN include a writers group and an array of mixers, panel discussions and dinners.

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