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Students Fall/Winter 2013

Jess Baclesse
Erin Li
Alcee H. Walker

Students Spring/Summer 2014

Stefan Kubicki
Ryan Moody
Ko-Rely Pi
Meg Smaker
Miguel Silveira

Caucus Presents $9,550 in Grants to Aid Five Student Filmmakers
The Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors Foundation has selected five student filmmakers from diverse backgrounds to receive $9,550 collectively in the Foundation's Spring/Summer 2014 Student Grant Program, it was announced by Foundation President Chuck Fries. Students receive assistance to complete their student thesis films. Grants to 138 students, in-kind awards and internships totaling over 1.2 million dollars has been awarded since the awards program was established in 2001.

Recipients of this round of grants are: Stefan Kubicki, AFI for "Against Night", Ryan Moody, UCLA for "Obituaries". Ko-Rely Pi, Columbia University for "Pitter Patter Goes My Heart", Miguel Silveira, Columbia University for "Devil's Work" and Meg Smaker, Stanford for "Cuba and the Boxer".

The Caucus Foundation is primarily funded by proceeds of The Caucus Annual Awards Dinner honoring individual creative accomplishment, as well as overall career achievement and grants from Carole and Robert Daly Foundation, HTV/illuminate, American Video Group, Hollywood Charities Foundation, UltimateTV/Microsoft, and The Caucus. The aim of the Caucus Foundation grants is to help combat the lack of diversity in content and people behind the camera in the entertainment industry. Eligible awardees must be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate, graduate or fellowship program and working to complete a thesis film, TV or interactive project for their degree. Applicants are required to submit a final script, final budget, rough cut, financing plan, shooting/post schedule, crew list and student status.

"We are proud to offer this awards program designed to help aspiring filmmakers who might not otherwise have the funds available to finish their projects," said Foundation President Fries. "Each film tackles a serious issue and the slate of films covers a broad spectrum of diversity," he said. "And, our Caucus members, as professional producers, writers and directors participate in the program by offering hands-on expertise to the grant winners as they complete their films."

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