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Maria Rosenblum, born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, attended Bennington College where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Acting and Lighting Design. She is now completing her third year at UCLA's graduate department of Theater, Film and Television for directing.

As an actress, Maria starred in Oldcastle Theatre Company's Dancing at Lugnusa and Postmortem as well as many other plays. Some of her most noted lighting designs were of Sweet Talk, K2, Redwood Curtain and Judevine.

While in Graduate school she has written, directed, edited and produced five films: Spit a tea party gone bad; Neutron Girl a day in the life of a super hero; Couch Lips a young girl's realization that there is a difference between art and function; Dog Days an experimental short about a woman, her dog, a deserted road, an overheating radiator, and a mass murder; and Railroad a painter, who is unable to deal with his past, tries to communicate with those who inhabit the "real world "

Maria is completing her thesis script Pole to be shot in the summer of 2002 and working on a feature length script that she will direct shortly after. She is the proud recipient of the 2001 Jim Morrison Award and the 2000 Motion Picture Association of America Award. She is honored to have been chosen for the 2001 Caucus Grant.

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