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Louisiana native Zack Godshall co-founded Blue Point Productions in the winter of 2005 with his sister Jana, which led to their collaboration on Absolution, his M.F.A. thesis film. Making this short film in his hometown of Lafayette has been a defining step in Zack's career as a filmmaker_ The process forced him to become more independent and inventive, thus realizing the possibilities of working in a local setting with limited resources.

Zack earned his B.A. from Louisiana State University, where he studied English, Creative Writing, and Photography. More recently, he completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Directing from UCLA. Besides his thesis, which was filmed, edited, and finished in High Definition, Zack completed three other short films while at UCLA, all of which were shot in I6mm. In the spring of 2005, Zack won a school-wide contest for his script, The Hurricane Party. The script was then developed into a short film directed and produced by members of the faculty in UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television.

Completing his thesis film and M.F.A. degree reinforced in Zack his passion for making films in Louisiana, where the place and the people have long inspired his imagination. Zack now resides in Lafayette and is currently working on several documentary and narrative film projects.

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