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Gillian Munro studied French, Social and Cultural Anthropology, and Film Studies at University of California, Berkeley. She spent a year in Paris, France studying theatre, performing arts, photography, and the French language, all of which she has readily applied to her sensibilties as a filmmaker and an actor's director. Having studied acting for over four years prior to her graduate film production work at Chapman University, Gillian approaches directing with a huge emphasis on character and creating the reality of a world that is supported through the characters.

Gillian has just recently finished principal photography on her thesis film, Small Avalanches and is now in pre-production for free rabbit, a super 16mm short film about a small town cop, who is still mourning the loss of his wife, and is unable to connect with the outside world, including with his sixteen-year-old daughter. A tragic incident in his line of duty - he cannot dissuade a young girl from suicide - demonstrates to him the fragility and importance of life and forces him to take the first steps toward reconnecting with his daughter.

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