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As an identical twin, Rajeev figured out from an early age that life is about stand­ing out and screaming "I am different!" even as his parents dressed him and his brother exactly the same. As a kid he did this by writing intense short stories and painting and drawing anything and every­thing he could. But he soon discovered his true passion, a way to mix all his artistic pursuits – directing film.

First came studying under the Emmy award winning director Joan Darling in his home state of North Carolina, then working in development on "The Antwone Fisher Story" directed by Denzel Washinton and "Bruce Almighty" directed by Tom Shadyac. Rajeev subsequently took the plunge and studied film at the University of Southern California, picking up an MFA as well as winning numerous awards for his films including the Barbara Corday Scholarship, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Award, and the the James Bridges Award for excellence in directing.

His thesis film at USC, "A Day's Work" has already won the Fotokem Grant for Excellence, received a film grant from Kodak, Producer Robert Lorenz, Director Clint Eastwood and the production of "Flags of Our Fa­thers", and won a finishing grant from the Caucus Foundation. It will be shortly be running the film festival circuit, and will have its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in January.

Rajeev plans to continue writing and directing intense, dramatic, hilarious, adventurous and heart-stopping pieces of film, though he wants you to know he and his identical twin (whom he often co-writes and directs with) are very different people.

http://www.daysworkfilm.comSpanish omelette this side of the Atlantic), drawing and magic. His hands are too small to be a pro magician, but he doesn´t care: "I have the movies to make magic."

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