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Kevin Coleman is co founder of Prolific Entertainment, an independent media production partnership. The partnership strives to produce culturally sensitive films and television productions to create a forum where their cinematic vision can be seen and nourished and allow other artists to be heard. Mr. Coleman is to receive a BA in film production from Howard University. Mr. Coleman also received an AA in Communication Arts from St. Louis Community College at Forest Park (SLCC FP). While there, Mr. Coleman served as Executive Producer of Wraparound TV, a closed circuit newsmagazine for SLCC FP. He took Wraparound TV to DHTV Channel 22 an independent television station in St. Louis and negotiated with the network to give Wraparound TV a Monday evening time slot.

In addition, Mr. Coleman was an on air personality and Sports Director for KCFV Ferguson a community radio station in St. Louis. He received the Missouri Media Award and the Outstanding Programming Award for Wraparound TV. Mr. Coleman's first film "Inner Conflict," was honored at the 2000 Paul Robeson Film Awards at Howard University for its cinematography, editing, and best film. The film was also a finalist for the Prosperity Media College Awards in Washington, DC 2001. Mr. Coleman was recognized as one of America's top promising independent filmmakers by online entertainment site The site streamlined "Inner Conflict" and Mr. Coleman received high praises from viewers from all over the world. "Inner Conflict" was part of the Black Silver Screen Forum at Florida State University and Florida A&M University in Tallahassee. Mr. Coleman has appeared on the new cable network NUE TV and its new show "The Yard" headed by music mogul Quincy Jones to discuss "Inner Conflict" and the filmmaking process. The Washington Times entertainment segment also recognized Inner Conflict. The film was also screened at the United States Department of Labor celebrating 2001 black history month.

Mr. Coleman has participated in several other productions. Among them, he was a researcher/associate producer on a documentary titled the "Digital Silk Road." The film explored the Chinese culture. It allowed Mr. Coleman and a small group of students to take a three week tour of seven cities in China. He has also worked with legendary actor/director Bill Duke and recording artists DMX and Mary J. Blige on a music video for Def Jam Records. Mr. Coleman was invited by the French Embassy to travel to France to attend the Cannes Film Festival May 2001. Mr. Coleman latest work MICHAEL KEYS recently won a grant from the Caucus Foundation an organization that supports student filmmakers. Currently Mr. Coleman is finishing his first feature screenplay, an urban drama mystery and is in post production on "Michael Keys." Mr. Coleman seeks work in the entertainment industry that will allow him to be in administrative, ownership, and creative roles.

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