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Born and raised in Los Angeles it was only inevitable that O. Thaddeus Frazier would seek out a career in the entertainment business. As a child he spent many hours in the grand movie houses of Downtown Los Angeles, such as The State, The Orpheum, and of course The Los Angeles, transfixed upon the silver screen, but the choice to become a filmmaker was not an obvious one. He would first express himself a thousand words at a time as his interest in still photography grew. With a passion to reflect the brilliant within the mundane, his style of photographic expression was one of simplicity as his images attempted to capture and preserve a real moment in time. Eventually Thaddeus wanted to widen the range of the reality he was able to reflect and began to write his first screenplay at the age of twelve. He studied diligently to hone and cultivate his craft and skill as a writer and photographer and in 1995 he entered the University of Southern California as a transfer student from the California State University of Bakersfield.

Feeling comfortable with the knowledge acquired at CSUB concerning the technical and pragmatic aspects of filmmaking, Thaddeus entered the Critical Studies Program of the Film School to learn the language, history, and theory that completed the art. Immediately after graduating from the Critical Studies Program in 1998, Thaddeus was fortunate enough to work on the film The Wood as a Camera Production Assistant, which would lead to Camera Loader and 2'd Assistant Camera positions on music video shoots. He also found work as a freelance Avid Editor. In the fall of 1998 Thaddeus gained entrance into the Graduate Production Program of USC with a rejuvenated focus and one intention: to tell stories and create film that stimulate the minds and emotions of its viewers.

Now in his last year of graduate school, Thaddeus creates a film that will do just that entitled A Day in the Life. A Day in the Life as his Graduate Thesis Film represents the apex of his academic and artistic career, and illustrates the ambition, knowledge, and talent that O. Thaddeus Frazier asserts as a dilettante and filmmaker.

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