Past Recipients Student Testimonials  

Arati Misro Developed her passion for film when she visited her ancestral state in India in 1998 after college. She produced and directed a documentary during her stay there. Since then Arati has graduated from the American Film Institute with an MFA in Producing. She studied Anthropology and Communication with a minor in third world literature in undergrad at UC San Diego. Arati has always had a passion to tell stories and express emotion through music, painting and the motion picture.

She is grateful to her family for always supporting her, especially because she chose a path not taken for many South Asians brought up in this country. Arati is dedicated and committed to promoting diversity in film and filmmaking. She is a director of IAM, ( Indo Americans in the Media). Arati hopes to produce and direct feature films and documentaries that are character driven and that deal with the every day struggles of common people all over the world. Badger, her thesis film at AM depicts the social change of a country through the eyes of a teacher in a British School.

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