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A writer and director, Adam Schlachter spent his youth attending various schools in five settings: His native birthplace of Lajas, Puerto Rico, the rural outskirts of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the residential suburbs of Miami, Florida, the capital city of Tallahassee, Florida, and the urban streets of Los Angeles, California. A sucker for life's thrills, traveling included, what better way to see and experience the world and its cultures than in filmmaking? He visited over twenty countries to date, mostly in Europe and America.

Adam is currently enrolled as a Graduate Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute, has a B.F.A Degree in Film Production from the Florida State University's School of Motion Picture, Television, and Recording Arts, a Professional Program Certificate in Screenwriting from the University of California. Los Angeles' School of Theater, Film, and Television, and attended the University of Southern California's School of CinemaČTelevision and the Coral Gables International Baccalaureate Program. He has an extensive technical background and has created many feature screenplays and short films.

Adam's feature screenplays include "Nebraska", "The Extra", "The First Hit", "Deep Breath", "Top Ten", and "Stray Bullet", the latter workshopped in the Creative Content Foundation Screenwriters' Lab. His shorts include "Palmarejo", "Don't Look Back". "The Back Entrance", "Nightmare", "Night Driving", "European Journey", "Sail / Wounded", "Some Want To Fly", "Soledad", "Facing The Ocean", "Marty's Liquor Stop", "Drake & Tony", "Caution To The Wind", "My Backyard Was A Mountain", and "Father Figure".

Adam was recently accepted into the Writers Guild of America West and is a member of the Independent Writers Caucus. To lock the budget of his American Film Institute thesis film, "My Backyard Was A Mountain", he received the prestigious HSF / McNamara Family Creative Arts Project Grant from the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. He is the recipient of a Diversity Scholarship from the Multicultural Motion Picture Association and is a finalist in this year's Esquire Magazine Celluloid Style Short Film Competition.

Adam is a published poet in the International Library of Poetry and was a certificated teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He has participated and placed in several prestigious workshops and contests, including the NALIP Producers Academy Workshop, the Creative Content Foundation Latino Screenwriters Lab, the Desi Arnaz Memorial Scholarship Workshop in the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, and the NALIP Latino Writers Lab in the New York International Latino Film Festival.

Adam's lifelong goal has remained intact: 'to touch and enlighten the hearts of a select audience. He is currently developing a feature screenplay, "1986", and hopes to direct it sometime in the fall. He is also attached as a producer of the "Stray Bullet" screenplay.

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